Wintertime on the Homestead
Crystal Miller

     This year winter has hit our homestead stronger than in the last several years.  We have had several cold and snowy days here, not always the norm for us.  I love them and I donít.  It makes travel difficult if not impossible at times so it can be a challenge for Tobin to get back and forth to work.  But he seems to enjoy the challenge and growing up in Chicago means that snow is a well known thing to him.  These are the days I look around my homestead and think of the summer days we would spend much of our time outside.  It is hard to imagine them at the moment with everything so cold and white. 

     One thing I do love about this weather is the fact that we can enjoy days at home working to stay warm, having a pot of hot water going for cocoa and tea and enjoying the things of a home.  Of course my kids have also enjoyed bundling up and going outside to sled down the hills, break up the ice in the animal water containers and run with the dog.  Then they come back inside and warm up with hot cocoa and warm cups of tea. 

     These types of days make me think of the pioneers of times past.  They make me think of simple days and times where the work was not simple but the scope of what was done in a day was.  The goal on most days would be to stay warm and fed and to keep ahead of the snow and cold as much as possible.  No one worried if they were going to be able to make it anywhere because there was no where to go!  Just time to live and a homestead to care for. 

     There is a nice sense of peace that comes with this.  When I am snowed in and enjoying the things of home, I forget the hustle and bustle the world outside for a time and enjoy my focus on staying warm, keeping my family fed, making sure the animals are doing o.k. and watching the beauty of the snow fall.  Wintertime on the homestead can be a special time of year.


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