T-shirt Dress


1 T-shirt
Coordinating fabric, size to fit  -- I measure my child’s waist (or adults waist) and I use 2 ½ times as much fabric as the waist measurement (example… the waist is 25 inches then you would need 25 +25 + 12.5= 62.5 inches of fabric) This fabric can have sides seams in it or it can be one pieces.  What ever will work with the size and the fabric.

(I hope these make sense, I am not the greatest at describing things like this!)

Wash fabric and T-shirt.  Cut four inches off the bottom of the T-shirt.  Sew the fabric to make the skirt part into one large tube.  Gather one side of the skirt piece and attach this to the bottom of the T-shirt.  Hem the bottom of the skirt to the desired length and you are done! 

I have also made this from a turtle neck shirt and flannel like fabric for a warmer skirt.  I have also thought a button up the front shirt would work as well.  Button it and attach the skirt just as you would with the T-shirt.



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