Sewing on the Homestead: Make an Easy Table Runner

I have wanted to make a table runner for awhile now and with all of life’s busyness as of late I did not have the time. I looked at stores and on ebay to see if I could buy something and did not really want to pay the prices I was seeing. I knew I had lots of fabric around that I might be able to put something together. I liked the idea of “shopping at home” for my fabric! Something just feels good about being resourceful with what I already have in my hand.


So I had a calm easy going afternoon over the weekend (have not had one of those in awhile! LOL) and I looked through my fabric, found some scraps that would work and came up with a plan. Here is what I made (all seams were ¼ inch):

I had a fat quarter (the green farm fabric) and I cut it to 10 ½ inches wide (and left it 18 inches long).


I had another red fabric that has black outlines of chickens on it. I used this for the boarders. I cut 2 pieces of fabric 4 ½ inches wide and 10 1/2 inches long. And the other 2 I cut 2 ½ inches wide and 27 inches long.

I sewed the 4 ½ inch pieces to the short ends of the main green fabric and pressed my seams open…

I then sewed the 2 ½ inch pieces to the long ends and pressed my seams open…

I cut a piece of interfacing the same size as my runner. If you use fusible interfacing you can iron it on. Mine was not fusible.….

I cut a piece of fabric from my red chicken fabric the same size as the table runner for the back. I put this on top of the table runner, right sides together…

I sewed around the runner leaving space to turn it right side out. When it was done I turned it right side out…

I ironed it smooth, turning the seam allowance for the unsewed area in. Then I top stitched all the way around the table runner, closing the open space in the process.

Then I put it on my table and enjoyed my creation..

I’m not really sure how much fabric you would need if you were to go out and buy what you needed… but my guess would be, 1 fat quarter and a yard or maybe less of the contrasting fabric for the sides and back and some interfacing.  But if you do a lot of sewing you (like me) most likely have scraps left from projects and fabric that you bought and never used..  this is a great project to use up some of that fabric and making something pretty for your home.



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