When the weather of the Northwest begins to cool down and the days become shorter we begin to think of staying warm.  We build a fire, pull out the winter clothes and start making soup.  There is nothing that feels as good as a nice hot bowl of soup after being outside in the wind and cold.  I have come up with a few very basic soups that I make often.  These are easy and inexpensive and taste very good.  We serve our soup with hot homemade whole wheat bread from freshly ground wheat, and it is the most satisfying combination! 


Crystalís Split Pea Soup Crystalís Chili Bean Soup Crystalís Navy Bean Soup
Crystalís Vegetable Soup My Homemade Chicken Soup Beef Vegetable Noodle soup
Hamburger Potato Soup Cream Soup Mix Lentil Soup
Hearty Navy Bean Soup Cream of Tomato Soup Lima Bean Soup
Salmon Chowder

Veggie Soup with Mini-Meatballs

Red Bean and Sausage Soup
  Hamburger Noodle Soup Taco Soup Clam Chowder
Hamburger Noodle Soup (version 2) Creamy Onion Soup How to Make Soup without a Recipe
Zucchini Cheese Chowder Potato Sausage Chowder Black Bean Chicken Chili
 Chicken Potato Chowder new!    



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