Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece for Your Table
By Crystal Miller

I am not the most creative person when it comes to home decorating. I tend to like simple and clean and small accents that warm up my home. One year my homeschooling group and I were hosting the November seniors dinner at our local senior center. We were in charge of many things and one of those was decorating the tables for the luncheon. I felt a moment of panic as I was not sure at all what we were going to do. But I really did not need to fear as there were ladies in my group that were much more creative than I was and I got to see first hand how very simple it is to make a pretty table.

We brought with us small pumpkins, gourds, fall leaves (some real and some artificial), cloth napkins in fall colors, baskets, and I am sure a few more things that escape me at the moment. We began just setting down a few things on each table. One table had a pretty napkin and a small pumpkin on it and a couple of fall leaves set at the base of the pumpkin. Another had a napkin lined basket with a few gourds in it, and so it went. By the time we were done all the tables looked pretty and festive.

If you are looking for ideas that are low cost and pretty for your Thanksgiving table begin looking for simple things that you may already have on hand. Try things like baskets, candles, fabric that could be used as a table runner or set in the center of the table. Begin building on top of that with fall type decorations. Try a basket or bowl of pears, flowers, a variety of nuts in the shell or pine cones. Also a cornucopia is a traditional symbol for this holiday. You donít have to have an actual cornucopia basket (but if you do have or find one that would be a nice added touch) a nice pretty basket will do the job as well. Fill with various in-season fruits and veggies and a couple pretty flowers. The ideas can be endless with just a few items; you can create something unique, pretty as well as easy on the budget.

One more note to add, and this is just my own personal style, is to always put a nice creamy colored table cloth on for special occasions where I plan to have a centerpiece. I donít want my table to look overly busy. I like the prettiness of simplicity.



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