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It is hard for me to share recipes without sharing information on the foods we eat and nutrition.  Off and on over the years I have studied nutrition.  At first it was in an effort to provide the best quality of food for the least amount of money.  I had a growing family and was living on a budget and needed to make both of these work together.  Then later it also became a means of improving my families health and now it is all of these plus a desire to eat food that is closer to the way God has created it for us and for our bodies.  Not long ago I read the book Sugar Blues by William Dufty and it was such an eye opener for me.  I realized that we were a society that has gotten about as far away from the natural state of the food that God has created as we can get.  We have refined and removed most of the original value of foods and added sugars and chemicals and colorings until what we have now is, in my opinion, hardly even real food.  In the last couple of years I have worked to get away from refined white sugar and refined grains, chemicals and food colors and things I can’t even pronounce on food labels.  I cannot begin to say how many good things have resulted in our general well being and health.  It has made me want to continue on this journey of improving our health.


The information I share here is simply from my own reading over the years and research I have done (in books and online) to improve my own family's health. The internet if packed full of information concerning health and I highly recommend taking the time to research and learn more for your family's health benefit as well.

  I have many recipes here in this section to help you feed your family in a nutritious way while also being mindful of the budget.  I have heard that you can't feed a family healthy food on a budget.  I disagree with this and have lots of information here to help you feed your family healthy foods on a budget.  I agree that many aspects of health food today are out of my budget, but there is also a huge portion of a healthy diet that is within a reasonable budget and those are the foods I focus on.  I have tried to take the most inexpensive types of basic foods and create meals for my family everyday that stay within my budget. The recipes that we enjoy are the ones I am sharing here with you!  All the recipes I share are first tried and tested by my family.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


On This Page You Will Find:








Steps to a Better Diet:
 Where to Start


Helpful Info




Bread Making Information

Homemaking Class on CD: How to Make Whole Wheat Bread

Step-by-step instructions with over 100 color photos!


Homestead Dairy




In The Kitchen

Cooking With Beans Freezer Cooking A Whole Foods Pantry

Brown Rice: A Healthy Way to Stretch the Grocery Budget (Also Known As: What to do with 25#'s brown rice! :)

Pizza Crusts for the Freezer

Trim the Budget!
Frugal Tips and Ideas to Help you Trim your
Grocery Budget!!

Enjoying Brown Rice

Meatballs for the Freezer

What to do with 25#'s of Oats

Cooking with Brown Rice

Grocery Budget Helps: What to Do With 25 Pounds of Beans?

 How to Roast a Turkey
Making Pizza- In Pictures!
~Fun for the whole family!!

How to use 10lbs of Chicken

 What to do with Turkey Leftovers

Fresh Pineapple
Why to eat, How to choose, How to cut ‘em up and eat ‘em!

Using up Overripe Bananas

 Thanksgiving Planner!

 Pumpkin Recipes! How to Render Lard Make Your Own Salad Dressings
Easy, Healthy and Frugal Meal Ideas Kitchen Appliances: Servants or Toys? Tips on How to Feed A Large Crowd
  Healthy Budget Sandwiches

Making Soup without a Recipe



eBooks from The Family Homestead Kitchen!!

Cooking With Beans!

Looking for a little help in easing grocery costs? Try serving more beans. Beans are an excellent quality, frugal food for your family. If you have not cooked with beans or had less than satisfactory results cooking beans then this ebook may help!

This ebook is a compilation of all my bean cooking information: nutritional information, tips on cooking beans, to soak or not to soak, and of course, recipes!

I have also included step by step instructions with pictures on how to cook a delicious pot of beans along with 4 different photo tutorials on making some delicious low cost bean meals.  The cost of the eBook is $8.00


Click HERE for more information or Buy Now


Freezer Cooking with Meal Starters:
Take the Stress Out of a Busy Day by being Prepared!

You can take added steps out of dinner preparations by having some foods ready to go in your freezer. This is not making whole dinners for the freezer; this is easier and more flexible! You use basic mixes of meat, beans and/or rice and turn these into quick and delicious meals for your family.

In this 40+ page eBook you fill find recipes for the basic meal starters plus lots of recipes for the meals that use them. Everything from tacos to spaghetti to beef stew, to delicious chicken recipes and more. And a printable freezer inventory chart is included…

For more information click HERE or Buy Now


Putting Up the Harvest:
Canning and Preserving



Cooking Classes
Step by Step Instructions with Pictures!




Homestead Kitchen Recipes!



Do you need help with planning healthy meals on a budget for your family?

Check Out my eBook Collection! 

Seven ebooks with recipes, meal planning helps, menus and grocery lists all planned out and ready to go

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Free Pintables to help you organize!

Grocery List

Menu Planner










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