Quilted Potholder

Two of my daughters did these as a beginning project.  It taught them some basic sewing skills and beginning quilting.



2 pieces of contrasting fabric scraps
--plus enough for full back piece that is larger than the finished size of the potholder
Old towel or batting for the center, the size that you want finished potholder to be (towel pieces makes a thicker potholder)

(my instructions are very simplistic and do not have exact measurements)
We made a basic 9 patch quilt square.  Cut out 3 squares, 5 squares of one color fabric and 4 squares of the other contrasting fabric. Next lay out the squares alternating color number one and color number two (checker board style).  Then sew them together with a inch seam, 3 in a row and then sew each row together so you have a 3 square x 3 square potholder. Then layer the top of the potholder, towel or batting (same size as the potholder) and then the backing piece (larger than the potholder) together, sandwich style.  Then pin the potholder layers together and fold the backing fabric with raw edges turned under, up over the top of the front of the potholder.  Sew this into place to give the potholder a finished edge.  You can then tie them if you want in a few places to hold the layers together. 

If you have more quilting experience you can make any quilt square design you like and use this as the top of the potholder.


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