Making Pizza (in pictures)

~fun for the whole family!!


Making pizza is a great family activity and turns what can be an involved process for one person into a quick and fairly simple process for a group.  For the pictures below, it was after 5:pm when we started and we were done and sitting down to dinner by 6:30 ..  so a little over an hour to make 3 large size pizza’s.. and we had fun..  We put on our aprons, turned up the country music and went to work.


This is how we divided the job: Hannah made sauce and cooked the sausage, Emily made pizza dough and did the assembly, Leanne and Isaac cut up the goodies, Sierra and I helped with clean up and I did the picture taking and supervising (~smile~ )  and we all enjoyed the eating! 



The Sauce


Cutting Up the Goodies



The Dough








The Finished Pizza


The Recipes:


Pizza Crust (the one used for this batch of pizza)

How To’s and Sauce Recipe



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