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Raising Our Homestead Pigs in the Winter!


Let me share with you a bit about our mini-farm and how we got started.

We began our little farm life several years ago. Prior to this we lived in the city and only dreamed of a life in the country. Our farm started with a few little baby chicks that we brought home from the local feed store.  We all thought they were so cute.  We set up a cardboard box with a clamp type light above it.  We layered newspaper for them to walk on and fed, watered and cleaned up after them .  After what seemed like a very long time they were finally moved out to the chicken house my husband, Tobin, had made for them. About four months from the time we brought them home we had our first egg

Here are some of our current chickens and our rooster!




After chickens it was goats. 

My niece, Heidi, has always loved goats and when it was time for her to go off to college she brought her babies to me.  They were two cute little Nubians.  This started a real love in me for goats.  They are stubborn but sweet.  They eat the brush off our property and one of them currently gives us milk on a daily basis. My daughter Hannah has been my main helper and caretaker of these goats.  She has learned to trim hooves, milk them and play mid-wife.  Right now we have 9 goats.

Three Nubian does who are the family milk goats.




One Boer/Nubian cross doe that I plan to breed for meat.


 One old grandma goat who is enjoying a nice retirement on our farm! One Nubian buck and 3 wethers.  The wethers keep the buck company.




Right now our goats provide the family with milk for more than half the year. With the milk I make yogurt and cream cheese and am planning on making hard cheese this year with the excess milk. I also have learned to make goat's milk soap.  We also breed our goats and sell them to help cover the expenses of raising them.

This next year we will be raising a few goats for meat as well.




For awhile we had horses and enjoyed them. Horses are the love of my oldest daughter.  She is now married and her horse went with her.  For now we are very happy with chickens and goats!  We do think of raising sheep for meat sometime in the future.


















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