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Buying a Goat?? A Few Things to Know Should I Buy a Buck?

Good Book Resources for Raising Goats

 A Sick Goat 
   Why Choose a Goat instead of a Cow?   Good Tasting Goat Milk  Crochet a Sweater for your Baby Goat new!  

 Farriers, Hooves, Shoes After You Bring Your New Horse Home West Nile Virus  Winter Boredom
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 The Baby Chicks Arrive! How to Keep Chickens Laying Through the Winter
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Homesteading and Animal Care Resources

~Books & Websites~

Natural Goat Care By Pat Coleby

The more I work to raise a healthy family in a natural way the more I am seeing the need to raise my animals in the same way.  I have appreciated Pat Coleby's book because it is one of the few goat books that gives me natural methods for raising a healthy herd of goats.

Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats: Breeds, Care, Dairying by Jerry Belanger

"Storey Guides" are well known and respected as a source of good and helpful information for the homesteader.  In this book you will find information on individual breeds of goats, housing, breeding, birthing, feeding, as well as health issues.

The Complete Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable by Juliette De Bairacli Levy 

The author of this book believes that many of the modern ways of medicating and caring for animals actually damages an animals overall health.  She gives detailed information on treating many different animal health issues using more natural methods. 

The Goatkeeper's Veterinary Book Book by Peter Dunn


This helpful book covers everyday issues of goat care and health as well as how to treat different problems that may arise.  I have found this to be a helpful book in my library.

Raising Milk Goats Successfully by Gail Luttman

One of the main reasons I wanted to own goats was to have my own supply of milk for my family.  I wanted my family to have access to healthy, good tasting raw milk.  If you have the same desires for your family you will find this book to be very helpful.  There is information on all aspects of raising goats for for milk. 

Your Goats: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing by Gail Damerow

Another aspect I have enjoyed about raising goats is that it has also been an educational experience for my children. If raising goats is going to be a family experience for your family you might want to consider this book.  The information in this book is complete and easy to read and understand.  It covers everything from what kind of goat to own, what to feed it, how to keep your goat healthy, to discussing raising goats for milk or even fiber












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