Lavender Sachets

Crystal Miller 


Recently I have really been enjoying some fresh lavender buds that I purchased.  They werenít expensive and I have to say that 1 pound is a whole lot more than I expected!  I originally bought the buds to grind up and add to a batch of lavender soap.  After that project was done I still had nearly the whole bag left!  So one of the projects my youngest daughter and I have been making are lavender sachets.


They are easy to make and donít require a lot of time.  It is the perfect craft to sit down and do in a couple hours time.  You can make them for yourself or make extras to add to gifts.  I even thought this would make a good craft fair project too. 


What you will need:


Lavender Buds ~I bought mine on-line they are not hard to find

Fabric for making the sachets ~ Now this is where you can be creative!  You can use pretty fabrics you have on hand or you can put remnant pieces, you can use muslin or even tulle

Needle and thread

Ribbon to coordinate with your fabric


Cut your fabric into 8 to 10 inch circles.  You can make your own pattern or use a dinner plate or anything round.  The size is not real critical.  Make a few of different sizes and see what you like the best.


Lay about 2 tablespoons of lavender buds in the center of the circle.  Gather the circle up and give it a little twist.  Sew the sachet closed by going back and forth through the center of your little twist and then around once or twice.  Tie off the thread.


Tie a bow out of coordinating ribbon around the sachet to hide the sewing and to make it look pretty!  


You are done!



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