Lacto Fermented Salsa
Enough for approx. 1 gallon


About 18 to 20 roma tomatoes, chopped finely
3 large onions, peeled and chopped
6 to 8 large jalapeno peppers, seeds removed and chopped
1 whole head of garlic, peeled and chopped –
just a little trick on peeling cloves of garlic: Set the head of garlic in a 300 degree oven for a few minutes.  The peels will soften up and slip off much more easily…
3 bunches cilantro, stems removed (I just grab hold of the stems and twist them off), then chopped up the herb 

The above ingredients will fill a gallon jar up.  If you are chopping by hand you may end up with more than a gallon’s worth..  this happen to me the first time. 

Now after chopping all those ingredients I combine them in a large mixing bowl that is big enough to hold everything.  Then I add: 

9 Tablespoons lemon juice
¾ cup whey
3 Tablespoons sea salt

I mix this up and let it sit to draw out juices.  Then I scoop into a glass jar (I use a measuring cup to scoop with).  As I add the salsa to the jar I use a large spoon to push the veggies down.  When the jar is full I make sure all the veggies are under liquid. If there is not enough liquid I add water.  Then for a weight, I do my little ziplock baggie trick.. I put a gallon size ziplock type baggie into the jar and fill the bag with water.  I make sure the bag is firmly around all the edges of the glass jar and that the weight from the water is helping to push the veggies under their liquid and make a nice seal around the inside of the jar.   

Then I put the lid on and set it in a warm spot for 2 days.  Then transfer to fridge. 

This stuff, according to my family is.. well, Yummo!  



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