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I am down to only 2 students in my little homeschool this year. 
The grade levels are 8th & 10th.


We have been homeschooling for the last 20 plus years.  Our oldest son, Richard, graduated from homeschool when he was 16, he is now 25.  He received his GED and then went on to community college and took a 2 year trade school program. He is now in the US Army. Our oldest daughter received her GED in 2004 and is now a happily married lady and mama to one little boy and another one on the way!  Hannah received her GED in May of 2005 and worked locally for awhile as a bank teller.  She is now married and expecting her first baby soon. Emily received her GED in 2007 and is currently working as a nanny and working on an accounting degree via home study college through College Plus!  My daughter Leanne will be working on her GED this school year (2008/2009) and will begin working on an English degree through College Plus! as well.  She is looking ahead at doing some type of full time missionary work.





Over the last many years of homeschooling I have tried a wide variety of curriculum and methods of teaching.  I have come to the conclusion that there is no perfect curriculum or method.  Every year I evaluate the previous year and look at the things I want to change and look forward to the year ahead so I can accommodate the schooling around anything that may be going on in our lives as well as individual needs, then I begin planning for the next year.  This method has served me well.  I have been able to change and adjust to the growing and changing needs of each of my children and of my family




Crystal's Tips For Choosing Curriculum

The main things I consider when I choose a curriculum

Will the curriculum take more time to implement than I will be able to give it.  I find it important to be realistic about my time.  If I do not have time because I am unorganized than I would work on that.  But if I don’t have time because of the demands of my life, then I would not want to buy something no matter how wonderful it sounds!.  For me, the reality will be that it will end up at a used curriculum fair in a year or two, never being opened! 

It is important for me to evaluate each of my children yearly and see what areas need improvement.  This is a big job for me, but an important one.  I spend a lot of time researching what is available and considering whether or not it will fit the need.  After enough experience over the years I am now better able to make that decision.  For the first few years it was mostly a case of trial and error. 

A curriculum should never rule our life.  Some curriculums seem to take so much time that other things in the home get neglected because of school.  I have read articles that say that this is to be expected.  But I do not agree with this.  Caring for our home and keeping the daily operations of a home should not, in my opinion, be neglected.  This is important teaching and an important example to set for my children.  If I value the home by making it a priority than they will learn to value it too








A New Approach to Earning a College Degree

A College Education and Thinking “Outside the Box”







Homeschooling Articles by Jennie Zeitz

Jennie is a good friend of mine and homeschooling mom to four children.  She has written several articles on homeschooling for my newsletter.  She has some wonderful, helpful and very useful information to share! 






My Favorite Places to Buy Curriculum


Christian Book Distributors


R.O.C.K. Solid

School of Tomorrow








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