Natural Homemade Hair Rinse
Crystal Miller


I have been working to get away from using chemically laden shampoos and conditioners on my and my family’s hair.  I began by using my homemade goat’s milk soap to wash my hair with and have now started making shampoo bars for this purpose.  I have been very pleased with how this is working. 


However I still wanted something to use to rinse my hair and help give it a smooth softness.  I found something that is very simple and works well.


Homemade Hair Rinse 

½ cup apple cider vinegar

1 qt. water


Combine and pour and massage onto your scalp and hair.  Rinse well and no you won’t smell like vinegar, I promise!  


I keep a 1 qt plastic Rubbermaid type jar in the shower and a bottle of vinegar in the bathroom cupboard.  When we run out, I simply put the vinegar into the jar to the ½ cup mark and then fill the rest of the way with water. 


I have also found since using homemade soap and homemade hair rinse that I experience less tangles and less difficulty combing out my hair when I wait until my hair is dry before combing.  I do give it a quick comb over the surface after doing a bit of towel drying but then wait to do any more. 


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