Homemade Buttermilk
Crystal Miller


I wanted to have cultured buttermilk for baking and soaking my freshly ground grains in.  I have made this countless times and it always turns out thick and nice.  It is wonderful to use in baking and cooking.   


This is how I did it:  I first purchased some buttermilk cultures from Leeners: http://leeners.com/cheesesupply.html#buttermilk  Then I followed the directions!  I doubled the recipe and heated 2 qts. of my own raw goats milk (but you can use store bought cows milk too!) up to 72 degrees, added 2 packets of the culture and poured it into a 2 qt. canning jar, covered with a lid and left it on the counter.  The next morning I had buttermilk! 


To make more buttermilk I take about ˝ cup of my cultured buttermilk and put it in another 2qt. jar.  Then I will fill up the jar with 72 degree warmed up milk (this is about room temp) and let is sit on the counter as I did before and it will turn into nice thick buttermilk once again.


You can also do this with store bought buttermilk instead of buying the culture.  However I am trying at add more cultured products into my family’s diet and not all store bought buttermilk is cultured.  I wanted to make sure I started with the real thing.


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