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Blue Jean Book Bag

Crystal Miller


This is a pretty easy sewing project.  It is a cute book bag

made from an old pair of blue jeans.  You can see a picture

of the finished project here:    


What you will need:


A pair of old jeans A cotton belt (instructions to make one

follow) or a silk type scarf would work too


Step #1 Take a pair of jeans and zip up the front of them

and turn them inside out.  With a tape measure, measure

about 3 inches down from the crotch and make a mark.  Using

a ruler draw a line across the leg at that mark.  Do the

same for the other leg.   Now cut the legs off at the line.


Step #2 Now fold the jeans matching the side seams.  This

would be just as if you were going to sew a pleat in them

down the front and back.  Sew each leg closed 1 inch from

the cut edge.  Trim the seam to about a ½ inch. 


Step #3 Turn the jeans right side out now and you have a

little bag!  Now you can thread a scarf or cotton belt

through the loops and tie or sew the “handles” together. 

You can also decorate the outside pockets with lace or a

hanky in the pocket.  Do any decorating or creating on your

bag to make it truly yours! 


Cotton Belt (for Blue Jean Book Bag)


What you will need:


Cotton fabric of your choice, length of fabric to be your



Step #1 After you determine how long you want your handle

to be cut out a strip of fabric that is this long, plus

about 2 inches for hem.  If you need to you can cut out

shorter strips and then sew them together.  


Your strips will need to be 4 inches wide x “your determined



Step #2 Now take your strip of fabric and iron it half the

longest direction.  On the short ends of the strip fold them

up so the finished belt will not have any raw edges. 


Step #3 After you iron it open it up and fold each side of

the strip to meet the center of the crease left by the iron.

 Now refold this in the center and iron the strip again.  


Step #4 Sew the strip closed.  You now have a long belt to

thread through the belt loops of your book bag.  You can sew

the ends closed by overlapping them about 2 inches and

sewing them together. 


Copyright: Crystal Miller, 2005


About the Author:

Crystal Miller ( is

a mother of 8 children and enjoys her God given role as

wife, homemaker and mother! She has a homemaking and country

living web site called The Family Homestead    

<> and has a free

monthly newsletter called Homestead Happenings. You will

find sign up information on her website.  



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