Enjoying Brown Rice
Crystal Miller

Years ago I read how healthy brown rice was. We ate lots of white rice at the time and I decided this needed to change.. the biggest problem I faced was that my family did not agree with me. ~smile~

So after enough complaints I gave up...  at least for awhile. Then read more on the subject, talked again with my husband about the nutritional value of brown rice and the total, complete lack of nutrition in white rice and he agreed to try again.

In the mean time I found a brand of rice (Lundberg) that actually was better tasting than what I had previously been buying at the grocery store and this did help some. In time my family got to the point that they at least would eat it and not complain... to much :) .

Then one day I was reading through my favorite nutrition/cookbook Nourishing Traditions and the author Sally Fallon talks about how to the most benefit from your grains you should soak them. She mentions that there was a time when this was just a basic cooking practice. I do remember my grandmother putting on the oatmeal to soak at night before bed (this was the instruction on the oat package). But I never heard of soaking brown rice. But one day I followed her (Sally Fallon’s) instructions and soaked my rice with a bit of yogurt (this provides lactic acid to help the soaking process achieve the maximum benefits). After 7 hours of soaking I added the salt and proceeded to cook the rice as usual.

The difference was pretty amazing. The rice was lighter in color, very fluffy looking, and had a nice soft texture (closer to what I had remembered white rice being, but not the same of course). The best part of the whole thing was that my kids and husband LOVED the rice. No one just “tolerates” brown rice anymore in my home.

I thought I would pass this bit of info off to you in case you are facing any challenges in converting your family to brown rice.

The basic recipe:

1 cup brown rice
2 cups water
1 T yogurt, keifer, or cultured buttermilk

Soak for 7 hours or more (let it sit on the counter while soaking). When soaking time is up... DO NOT DRAIN...  Just add 3/4 t. salt and cook as usual (meaning you can boil it or bake it or cook it in whatever method you typically cook your rice) for 45 to 50 minutes.

This recipe may be doubled or more as desired.


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