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I am no longer able to answer question about the laundry soap via email.

If you are emailing with a laundry soap question you need to read for your answer here


As my website has grown and I am getting more and more visitors here daily I am also receiving more and more emails.  I love to get emails and hear from you!  

Often times I will get people just simply telling me they enjoyed their time on my site or they were encouraged in some way.  I am thrilled to hear these things and to know that some woman was helped in some way.  That is what I am all about! ~smile~ 

Sometimes I will receive emails that are asking me simple questions and that is fine too.  But sometimes they are long questions that involve long answers.   

It would be my desire to have the leisure-ness of time to answer each of these emails.  Often times the very answer that is wanted is already right here on the site.  It just means that one has to read my writings to find the answer.   

Since I have already taken my time to write my articles and continue to add new articles it means that I simply donít have the time to write to individuals on the very same subject I have already spent time on.   

I have 5 children still at home (whom I teach, train and homeschool), 10 goats, 70 chickens, 2 dogs, numerous barn cats, lots of laundry, a home to run and keep clean and 21 meals for 7 people to plan for and produce (on a budget and keep it healthy!! :) each and every week.  And a wonderful hard working husband to care for and dote on.  All these things will come first in my life and email will come as I have time.   

Please read and enjoy everything I have on this site (and my blog) and please continue to email me, as I do love to hear from you but realize that I donít have time to answer all of my email or long and involved questions.   

I can answer short questions like:  ďI made the laundry soap and it is a watery gel.  Is that the way it is supposed to be?Ē   My answer..  YES!  And this is a common question!  LOLÖ    

So I donít want to discourage you from emailing me, just keep in mind that I am a busy lady with lots on my plate and I will not be able to return answers to long questions or give information that I have already covered on my site.  

Blessings to you all as you strive to be the wife, mother and homemaker that the Lord has called you to be!  

Crystal :)

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