Eat Better One Step At A Time
Crystal Miller

Are you looking for ways to improve your family’s health through a better diet? I am sure you have questions on where to start and what steps to take. I hope some of these articles will help you in this process!!

I improved my family's diet one step at a time. I started by removing refined white sugar and refined grains from our home. We did not do this all at once but in little steps. Always remembering that these are permanent changes to make in life and it does not happen all at once.

If you desire to help your family make the necessary changes to eating a healthier diet then you may find the steps I took helpful:

1. The first thing I did was to stop buying cookies or sweet snacks and treats. I let my children snack on fresh fruit, nuts and popcorn. I made sweet treats only rarely and then with better quality ingredients (see some of our desserts HERE).

2. I stopped buying boxed breakfast cereal, which is loaded with sugar and refined products and began making oatmeal and pancakes and bought granola and then eventually began making my own granola.  I have more breakfast recipes HERE.

3. Then I stopped buying soda pop and instead I buy frozen 100% juice and mix it with carbonated water instead of tap water for a fizzy drink. I save this for special treats. We drink a lot more water now and sometimes I will serve lemonade or ice tea.

4. I began incorporating into our diet more whole unrefined grains and beans such as, whole wheat flour, brown rice, oats for breakfast, pinto, red and navy beans (my soup recipes make a great place to try some of these beans).

5. I began reading labels on my food. I was shocked to see all the sugar, chemicals and additives on those labels. I began searching for better store bought alternatives, and looked for homemade options for things such as canned soups.

6. I have also tried to find alternatives to commonly bought items that had sugar in them, such as mayonnaise, ketchup, even salt (yes salt has dextrose added which is a refined sugar). I usually have to look at health food stores for these items.

7. I stopped buying foods made with hydrogenated oils in them.  I started using better quality oils like butter and olive oil and coconut oil. 

You will find recipes and more information on many of these items mentioned on my site in the Homestead Kitchen page.

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