Economical and Easy Comforter Covers


My two oldest daughters made comforter covers.  They had old and worn comforters on their bed and wanted to give the room a new look. Making the covers was the final step in this redecorating project. We went from lavender and lace to navy blue, hunter green with horses and wolves to accent (the horse loving daughter and the dog loving daughter accented with there own style)!  The walls had already been repainted and navy blue/hunter green plaid curtains made to replace the lace curtains.  Now it was time for comforters. 



We were looking at the least expensive way to do this. Making covers seemed a better way to go than new comforters.  We found flat sheets at Wal-Mart for $3 a piece.  We bought 2 for each cover. 


The girls laid them right sides together and sewed them on 3 sides.  They left the topside open, which was the side that would have been the top of the sheet.  After the 3 sides were sewn they laid the sheets on the floor and then the comforter on top.  They sewed lengths of ribbon to each corner of the comforter and to each corresponding corner of the sheet cover.  They tied each cover corner to each comforter corner and turned it all right sides out. 


They did not do anything permanently to the open end.  However I would think it could be closed with Velcro or even large buttons, making it easy to remove the cover for washing.  Since a bed takes up so much of a room it is fun to see that  $12 worth of sheets can make the whole room feel so fresh and new.



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