Dreaming of the Homestead
Crystal Miller

     Do you dream of living in the country and having a homestead some day?  I understand where you are at very much!  I spent many years dreaming of the homestead I was hoping and praying that I would have one day.  I would like to encourage all of you that dream of a homestead someday to keep your hopes up today.  There are proactive things you can do right now while you wait for the day that you will live on your own piece of land. 

     Remember homesteading is a way of life.  It is a desire for simpler things as well as a desire to have space and room to move around.  It is a place for animals and for gardens and for living a life that helps you to work towards doing as many things as you can on your own.  I will never expect to be able to provide all of my families needs myself.  BUT I will continue to work towards as many things as possible.  I believe this improves the quality of home life immensely.  Yes we “can” go out and buy all that we need, but every time you provide those things with your own hands you give your life a different quality, a different look and a different purpose. 

     As you being to make changes to a homestead way of life, don’t think that the first step is moving to a piece of property.  Yes this is a big and important step but it is not the first step.  The first step it to think in a more self sufficient way.  Anything you do you can ask yourself, “How could I do this or make this myself?”  Could I learn to sew and make myself the jumper or skirt that I want or the sweats for my kids?  Or perhaps a quilt for my bed?  Can I learn to bake my own bread, make my own convenience foods or learn how to can up some applesauce for the family?? 

     Could you raise a few bunnies to learn about animals and even sell some of the babies?  My oldest daughter did this for a few years.  She talked with pet stores and found out what they were interested in and then raised them and sold them from our home and to pet stores. Or how about owning chickens?  Some cities allow you to have a few hens in your backyard.  Check into what your city ordinances may be on this.  These are good experiences that could be applied to animals that you may own in the future.
     Don’t forget about a backyard garden!  While you may not be able to provide all of your family’s vegetables, just being able to put your own homegrown cucumbers and tomatoes in your salad is exciting.  Sitting down to a dinner of homemade lasagna, homemade fresh bread and corn on the cob from your own garden is a joy to be sure!  Don’t forget flower beds too.



 Crystal Miller (c) Copyright 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and Beyond!



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