A College Education and Thinking “Outside the Box”
Crystal Miller



Last year my daughter began her college education.  She wanted a business degree in accounting.  She felt that accounting would be a good field to work in.  When the time comes to marry she will have a skill that will allow her to work for herself from home and still be there for her future husband and children.  So we looked at all her available options.  The nearest community college she could attend was almost an hour away from home.  The cost was also quite a bit.   So instead she began working and decided to seek out other options.  What she found was a program called College Plus.


College Plus is a Christian based program that allows you to earn your degree, in a comparatively short amount of time, doing all the study and school work right from home.  I was a bit skeptical.  I studied their website and ordered their information packet and finally I spoke at length with a very nice and helpful gentleman that answered all my questions.  After researching the program I felt much more convinced that this was a great option to the traditional ways of earning a degree and since I have always been a think “outside the box” type person, I soon became a big fan of College Plus.


Here is how College Plus describes who they are from their website:

“CollegePlus! is a revolutionary Christian based program helping students earn their fully accredited bachelor’s degree in a fraction of the time and cost. Through careful navigation and academic coaching, each student acquires a superior level of education without the inefficiencies and humanistic pitfalls of today's traditional secular college.”


After much family discussion we decided to enroll Emily in the program.  We have not regretted this decision at all; in fact we will be enrolling our next daughter, Leanne, in College Plus sometime this year. 



Emily joined College Plus in April of 2008.  She began taking their study skills training and their Life Purpose Planning (both of which were excellent) and took her first test at a college in town in May.  As of today (February 2009) she has finished 2 years worth of college credits and is working on her 3rd year of credits.  She will be enrolling in online college in the spring to finish up the last of her degree.  She should be finished by fall of this year.  Hard to believe that one can earn a bachelor’s degree in less than 2 years, but it can happen.  Emily has spoken with other students who are doing the same thing and some who have finished the program and earned their degrees in less than 2 years.  One young man that my daughter Emily is familiar with enrolled in College Plus at age 16 and will have his degree by the time he is 18. 


So how does College Plus basically work?  After your degree has been laid out for you, you begin studying for each subject, one subject at a time.  When you are done studying for that subject you then go to a college and take a test. If you pass the test, you have the credits.  Each subject takes 2 to 3 weeks to get through.  My daughter Emily has passed a few subjects in a week and some have taken 4 weeks.  The rate at which you will get through it often depends on how much time you put into it.  Emily spends about 3 to 4 hours a day studying and more time on the weekends.  The tests consist of CLEP tests and Dante tests.  The last 30 credits pertaining to your major are earned online through an accredited college or university.



College Plus first begins by providing the student with a coach.  My daughter Emily has had a wonderful coach; they email regularly and talk on the phone twice a month.  They discuss upcoming tests and the coach sends her all the necessary information on which books to purchase and helpful websites to use for studying.  Her coach prays with her, encourages her and helps to keep her accountable and moving through the program. 


When we started we spoke with a degree planner that listened to what Emily desired and her interests and he laid out exactly what subjects she needed to cover.  Soon Emily’s coach will begin helping through the enrollment process for the college where she will finish up the last of degree. 


The last plus to this program is the cost.  You will earn a degree for a fraction of what it costs to earn a degree in the traditional way.  College Plus estimates the cost to be about $15,000.  We have estimated our costs to be a bit lower due to the fact that Emily has been able to find most all of her study books used from places such as Amazon.com.  College Plus is also workable with their fee.  We paid half the fee and made the rest of it in monthly payments. We pay the local college and CLEP board for the tests as she takes them.  College Plus gave us a list of all the costs and there have been no hidden costs along the way.  College Plus is very upfront about everything. 


If this sounds like a program that would work for your son or daughter I highly recommend requesting their information packet  (which is an email that has lots of information and an ebook as well as access to video and audio sessions from speaking events) and speaking with them to learn about this fantastic option for earning a college degree! 



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