Coconut Honey Body Scrub
by Carolyn Root

Ĺ cup honey
1 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons virgin coconut oil

Mix all of the above ingredients right before youíre ready to shower. Apply in circular motions after washing body. Rinse. I found coconut oil in the baking section of my store around the other oils (I've even heard you can find it in the pharmacy section). I had to really look though, and Iíve never seen coconut oil before I needed it! If 2 tablespoons seems like too much, you can leave it at one, but this oil is creamier than traditional oil, so it feels less "oily".

This left my skin feeling really smooth and soft. The coconut oil was very moisturizing!

About the Author:
Carolyn Root is the oldest daughter of Crystal Miller. She lives with her husband Jonathan and their son, Caden, at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. She enjoys making a home for her family, caring for her husband and baby, cooking, baking, studying nutrition, gardening, and working on her website, Simply Natural Skin. Jonathan and Carolyn are expecting their second baby in September 2008.

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