Sew Your Own Cloth Napkins



Making your own cloth napkins is a great money saver.  It took me awhile in my frugal quest to get to the napkins, but now that I am here.. I love it!  I pass up the disposable napkin aisle in the grocery store with great delight!!


I am sharing my own napkin making instructions here with you.  I make mine a little smaller than the commercial ones I have seen.  I do this to maximize my fabric and because my younger children can grab several napkins in a day to wipe their hands, blow their nose and clean the peanut butter and jelly off their sweet smiles and I have found that the napkins really don’t need to be very big to handle these daily jobs.



Type of fabric


I know that cotton or cotton/polyester blends work fine.  However some work better than others.  I have tried a few different types of fabric and have found that what I like the best is a fabric called “homespun” cotton.  It is a little thicker and more absorbent than other cottons.  I buy mine at Wal-Mart and you may have to hunt a little for it or just feel your way around the fabric department for a fabric that you think will work.  Buy a small amount, try it and see what you think.  This is how I did it.




In order to maximize my fabric I make my napkins 11x11 inches.  Fabric is typically 44/45 inches wide.  This gives me 4 napkins across the width of the fabric, no waste.  If you purchase 1 ¼ yards of fabric you can get 4 rows of napkins.  This would be a total of 16 napkins. 




I cut out my 16 napkins.  I finish off the edges of the napkins by sewing all around them with my serger.  If you don’t have a serger you could zigzag around the edges too.  If you fold under your raw edges and sew you greatly reduce the size of the napkin. If this is the option you decide on then you may want to increase the size of the napkins and re-figure the measurements. 


After the edges are finished your napkins are done!  I don’t pre-wash the fabric. I cut my napkins out, serge the edges and then wash them.     


Here are some that I recently made…









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