Canning Dried Beans

I have canned a lot soups over the years that had beans in them, but I had not ever canned dried beans until recently. I found it pretty simple to do. I canned pinto beans first and a few days later I canned red beans. I would now like to can some black beans.

I like my beans to be a bit softer than store bought canned beans. So I cooked my beans for 1 ˝ hours before I canned them. This gave them just the right texture for me.

Here is how I canned my beans...

I began by measuring out my beans. I used about 5lbs of pinto beans (this was about 12 cups of dried beans)..

I put them in my 14 quart stock pot and covered them with about 2 ˝ gallons of water. I added 1t salt for each cup of dried beans..


Brought them to a boil, the covered and simmered for 1 to 1 ˝ hours…

When they were done cooking I strained out the beans but made sure to save the bean broth. I put my strainer in a large bowl to catch the broth..

Then I filled my hot, clean jars with dried beans and covered with hot broth (leaving about 1 inch head space). I put a lid and ring on them and put them in canner.


I canned quarts for 90 minutes at 10lbs of pressure and pints for 75 minutes at 10lbs of pressure. When I was done I had 7 quarts and 4 pints…

A few days later I did the same thing with red beans. This time I cooked 15 cups of dried beans and covered with about 2 3/4 gallons of water (this was about the maximum my 14 quart pot could hold). This batch gave me 7 quart jars and 8 pint jars..



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