Bible Cover Pattern


To make a pattern for your Bible you need:
A brown paper grocery bag
Your Bible
A tape Measure
3/8 yard of fabric (35 cm) - all widths

1.     Cut apart the grocery bag to make it lie flat

2.     Measure the front cover of your
        Bible  from top to bottom.

3.     Add 1 1/2  inches (4 cm) to that
        measurement  and write it

4.     Measure your Bible from front to back:
Start at the outer edge of the front cover,
measure across the front cover,
around the binding,
across the back cover to it's outer edge

5.     Add 6 1/2" (17 cm) to that measurement
        and  enter it here:
        This will give you 3" (7 1/2 cm) flaps for
         the front and back covers to tuck into. 

6.     Cut a rectangle from the grocery bag the size of the above measurements:
include the added 1 1/2" width and
the added 6 1/2" length
This is your paper pattern

Sewing the Bible Cover
7.     Pin the paper pattern onto single thickness of desired fabric and cut out

8.        Press all 4 edges of the fabric rectangle under 1/4" (7 mm)
        Machine stitch in place

9. Make the flaps for the Bible cover:
Turn both of the 2 short edges of the fabric rectangle back 3" (7 1/2 cm) so right sides are together

10. Attach the flaps to the cover:
Stitch  1/2" (15 mm) seams along the top and the bottom edges of the flaps.

11. Finishing the Bible Cover:
Turn the flaps right side out
Press, turning the top and bottom edges under where they naturally want to turn under

12. Secure the top and bottom edges:
Place on your Bible!



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