Applesauce Cinnamon Christmas Tree Ornaments

¾ cup ground cinnamon
1T ground cloves
1 T ground nutmeg
2T white glue (like Elmer’s)
¾ c applesauce

In a medium size bowl combine all ingredients to make a dough. I use my hands to mix and squish it all together until it is a mildly wet dough. If it is too dry add another tablespoon of applesauce, if it is too wet add a little more cinnamon.

Roll the dough out between 2 pieces of plastic wrap until it is approx. ¼ inch thick. Using metal type cookie cutters, cut out designs. Our favorite cookie cutters were about 3 inches tall. Any taller and they seemed to large for the tree and any smaller were too hard to get a hole in them for the ribbon. The gingerbread man and lady cutters were the cutest of all.

After you cut them out, lay them on a tray. Using a toothpick or straw make a hole in the top for hanging. Let them dry for 3 or 4 days turning once or twice a day. I turn them morning and night to insure they dry out well.


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